Standard Machine Range - Mixing – Emulsifying – Tying – Separating

Our Standard machine range includes machines of all our product ranges: Mixing, Emulsifying, Tying, Separating. Proven and well known technology with a simple operation as you know it from INOTEC.

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Good mix, good taste…
...our Vario Mix Systems are known for an outstanding mixing performance! Gain your competitive advantage with INOTEC Systems.


Fine, finer, INOTEC Emulsifier
With a wide product portfolio and customizations the INOTEC offers the leading emulsifier for the food industrie.

Portioning and tying

Portioning and tying, quick and easy
… with the INOTEC Giromatic systems your product gets fast, precisely and hygienically portioned and tied.
Traditional look produced in an industrial way.


The clean cut
The INOTEC cutting technology is unique. Your product gets individualized quickly, hygienically and precisely by our sausage separation systems and gets to your point of sale with perfect tips.