The Smart way to your product

Standard Machine Range

classic.pngOur Standard series includes machines of all our product ranges: Mixing, Emulsifying, Tying, Separating. Proven and well known technology with a simple operation as you may know it from INOTEC.

>> Standard Machine Range

Twin Shaft Mixer

zweiwellen.jpgEfficient mixing geometry for the perfect taste. With INOTEC Twin Shaft Mixers you get short mixing times, you can cool or cook your product and you have the perfect mixing system for your product thanks to different shaft configurations.

>> Twin Shaft Mixer

Vario Mix

vario.pngThe INOTEC Vario Mix convinces with extremely short mixing times, gentle product treatment, best homogenity, extreme variety and minimum product rests – the INOTEC Vario Mix series achieves these targets better than any other mixing system.

>> Vario Mix


zerkleinerer.jpgINOTEC emulsifiers used for the production of fine minces in the meat industry and for the production of fine emulsions of meat, vegetables and fruits for baby and hospital food, for sweets, for the production of processed and analogue cheese products and for pet food.

>> Emulsifier

Portioning and Tying

Portioning and Tying as a system: Machine and Thread
With the Giromatic Systems INOTEC sets new standards in the portioning and tying technology.

Traditional Product / Technology = Efficiency
Efficiency + Product Safety = GIROMATIC

>> Giromatic Systems

Cutting Technology

schneidetechnik.pngSausage separation meets perfect design and functionality.
Unique scanning of sausage links for high precision cutting
up to 2,1 m/s and 1.800 cuts per minute.
With high performance processors, Twist Extenter,
Twist Recognition System and double light curtain.

>> Cutting Technology

Process automation

video_icon_linie.pngINOTEC automatic processing lines – as indivudual as your product. Our economical and flexible processing solutions are perfectly customized to your needs and provide a maximum efficiency and productivity. Thanks to our excellent technology we can realize even very complex processes in a user friendly simple way.

>> Process automation