Company development

INOTEC, Zukunft durch Entwicklung neuer Technologien
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INOTEC Reutlingen, Germany

INOTEC was established in 1988 with the aim to automize the production of food products in general, especially the production of sausages. The initial development was a fully automized emulsifier for the production of emulsions. Result was a machine with a automatic cutting set adjustment, which is today used in different models successfully throughout the world.

In 1993 INOTEC introduced their first sausage cutting machine and is presently worldwide known as the company with the solution for cutting all types of sausages.

Since 2006 INOTEC deals with a new field of business: Portioning and tying. The Inotec Giromatic machines are giving a safe and cost efficient presentation to your high value products.


Today INOTEC delivers a wide portfolio of products including a wide range of mixers and emulsifiers, complete tailor-made processing lines, automatic portioning and tying machines and sausage separators and declippers.

Our customers

Our customers around the world are in the meat industry but also in industries to produce processed cheese, baby- and hospital food, soups and ready meals, fruits and vegetables, sweets and pet food.

Our worldwide network of partners for sales and after-sales service brings us close to you.

Thanks to the sophisticated engineering and to a long lasting practical experience, INOTEC has set market standards and has improved actively the way of industrial food processing.

INOTEC Certification

aeo.jpgDE/9650/ZA/2981 - approved exporter
DE/9650/EA/0242 - authorized exporter
DE/KC/00525-01/1117 - known consignor
DE AEOC 113735 - Authorised Economic Operator